Two critical questions.  One vital answer.
  1. Are your managers properly trained and coached to manage each and every applicable labor law required for your business?
  2. Can your business risk not properly addressing critical employee issues that could lead to potential liability?
The people behind your people
It’s a demanding world for today’s companies – regardless of size.
Aggressive competition, constantly changing labor laws and employee demands can absorb management resources.  Managers must have the training and skill set to successfully manage these key issues while fostering a team approach between an employee and employer.
It is a lot to manage, isn’t it?
          Thanks to Ooten & Associates, LLC, companies of all size and shape can afford to have a Human Resource professional available providing leadership for HR solutions.
Solutions that work
          Ooten & Associates, LLC partners with companies of every structure, size and mission to help identify, establish, maintain and execute an ongoing, effective HR program. We achieve this by either supplementing a company’s current staff or by providing complete and affordable HR service solutions.  “One size does not fit all” when it comes to HR programs.  Flexibility is key.  We design service plans by retainer, hourly rates or on a project basis. 
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